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Your Consultant is Donna Hines

My Story

Hi my name is Donna, thank you for stopping by my Scentsy website. If you have a moment, I would like to share a little about myself and my reason for becoming a Scentsy consultant. About me: I have one daughter; she is grown,  has a great job and is working towards her Bachelors degree.   I raised my daughter on my own without financial help from anyone or any outside source; I do not regret this at all; I am so proud of her; she is not only my pride and joy, she is my best friend! I have a good job; I've been the office manager for a manufacturing company for 20+ years. It's paid my bills, but nothing extra! I haven't had extra funds to help my daughter with college; nothing to put into savings or towards retirement, or even a fun exciting vacation. I am grateful for my job; but realized I needed to pursue something that I enjoy, love and find exciting.  Along came Scentsy! My Scentsy Story: A year prior to becoming a Scentsy Consultant, a friend mentioned it to me. I said; “No; I am not interested”! Over the course of the year I kept hearing the buzz word “Scentsy”.  I kept wondering what was so great about Scentsy?  It was approaching the holidays so I contacted my friend and told her I wanted to place an order for gifts. She asked me to have a party; I said; “No; I just want to place an order'. She took my order; then said; “You are over half way to earning FREE and half priced items; you really should turn it into a party”. I gave in and had a “Basket Party”; everyone that purchased or received Scentsy as a gift; LOVED IT! I knew that Scentsy was for me; I knew it was what I needed and what I was looking for. The extra income would help me achieve the goals I have, plus it's so much more fun than the stress that comes with sitting behind a desk 40-50 hours per week. I jumped on board and have never once looked back! Why Scentsy: The product sells itself and the incentives are AMAZING; not only for the consultant but for the host/hostesses as well. Scentsy is extremely helpful in assisting their consultants in an effort to better server our clientele. Scentsy encourages consultants to give back to their communities with fund-raisers, charities and events. “I love this”!!! Scentsy Safety: Our wickless; flameless, soot free, lead free candles are phenomenal. You will feel very safe warming your favorite scent in your home or business; around your children and pets. “I really love this”!! I invite you to browse my website to see what we have to offer, including the opportunity for you to join our Scentsy Family. Please let me know how I may have the pleasure of assisting you; if you would like information on product, hosting, opportunity, a catalog or samples of the scents, I will most certainly love to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: Thank you again for stopping by; it's been my pleasure sharing my story with you. I look forward to hearing from you. Warm Regards,  Donna   <!--endbody-->